Look Of The Week # 1


Her first look is so fun and flirty, yet classy at the same time. I love little white dress so much, so I was so happy to see that she wore one. The one that she is wearing is extra-special because it has these cool little cutouts at the side. Oh, and we can’t forget her colorful accessories like her funky bandana headband or that quirky cool lip ring.

Her second look is way more edgier than her first look. This little plaid little number has such a rock-star feel with the cool studded detailing on the collar and along the waistline. I loved that she spiced the look up with some colorful bangles and that same lip ring.

I really love both of these looks and I can’t possibly choose a favorite because each look is so different. I really love Carly Rae Jepsen’s style and how she is able to make each look her own. She is definitely an inspiration to my style and I wouldn’t be surprised if I featured her in another “Look Of The Week” post!

Love you dolls,

Nick xo

By foreverfashionfriendly

By foreverfashionfriendly