My name is Nicholas Thorburn, I was born on October 14th 1998 into a brilliant family and I am 14. I was brought up in a lovely house out in the country. I currently attend Rosehill College in Auckland, New Zealand Fashion is something that inspires me so much to be who I am. When I look at fashion I see self-reflection, art & creativity. Fashion is something that I found my passion for when I was starting to get into celebrity gossip. Fashion really helps provide me with a distraction from everyday bullying that I get from being an open homosexual. I dream of one day attending New York Fashion Week, opening up my own chain of woman’s clothing stores & living in the ‘Big Apple’. My fashion idol has to be Dulce Candy. I discovered her on youtube earlier on in 2012 and fell in love with her awesome video’s and the way she styles herself. I really hope that one day I can meet her and work with her on a collection. I would Describe my personal style as very modern. I like to shop at places like Cotton On, Just Jeans, Halenstines & Jay-Jays, and for my accessories, bling. I am literally obsessed with fashion and have magazine subscriptions to Vogue, Teen Vogue & OK.  

To contact me about anything please email me at : foreverfashionfriendly@live.com 


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